Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 17

Hi everyone!

We didn’t run into many people on our walks today, and I (unfortunately) had a pile of work to get done, private lessons, and a dinner date with a high school friend who was back in town so we didn’t get to have as many adventures together as I would generally like.  But boy, did our day start out with a huge celebration!  Every morning when I get up, Cuba goes out for a potty break and then into his crate for breakfast.  After I had gotten him in the crate and he was working on his a.m. Kong,

As Cuba was working on his Kong, Mokie and I voyaged to the front porch to check the mail.  Bills, blech.  Nothing good.  But, wait…what is that?  Mokie’s nose alerted me to the presence of a box.  How interesting!

I brought the box inside and made Mokie wait near it while I went to get a knife to open the box up.  Rejoice!  When we looked inside, it was a treasure trove of presents from our friends at Premier Pet Products!  Seeing what was in there, I decided to let Mokie dive in and check out the bounty.  Hey, Cuba gets lots more food and treats than her, so she deserved something fun especially for the cub.

For perhaps seven seconds, I lost sight of the front half of her body.  Toys and treats and training tools were getting tossed here and there with reckless, enthusiastic abandon.  The pawing inside the box grew nearly frantic.  She started singing, like she does when she’s really excited.  Mokie then emerged, victorious, with a…

For those of you who aren’t in the loop, this is probably the most popular toy in my household.  Mokie and Monte both immediately loved it when I brought it home from last year’s Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s conference in San Fransisco.  Our Pogo Plush was very well-loved but ended up a casualty to a recent play date.  Mokie mourned the dead squeaker in her Pogo Plush for quite some time.  She’d still chomp on it and tug it, but it obviously was just not the same for either of us.

I’d been meaning to order her a new one anyway, but was so happy to see her smiling, tossing it around, squeaking the squeaker over and over and over and over and over and over again for about twelve minute’s straight.  (I hate when people get mad at their dogs for squeaking squeaky toys.  Hello!  They’re dogs, and those are squeaky toys.  What planet are you from where this is not ok and why are there squeaky toys on that planet if enjoying them is out of bounds?)

So the theme of this day was Christmas in August.  We played with lots of different toys.  I stuffed the toys with goodies, put them in boxes and paper bags, and let the dogs “open” and enjoy them.  They loved it!

Mokie and Cuba were both super-excited about the Pogo Plush and played with it individually and then together.  Mokie especially loved the Buscuit Block, which is technically a toy for puppies (hint, hint, Mokie!). Cuba was a big fan of the Chuckle because of the silly sounds it made and because that too can be stuffed with yummies! They both really enjoyed the new Linkables as well. I loved the Linkables because they were a new challenge with my very food-toy savvy Mokie and can also be made easier for my still-figuring-it-out puppy. Superb!

We did get to make a very quick trip to the creek today on the way to pick Jim up from work for his golf game.  Mokie fetched as many sticks as she could in our brief half-hour at the creek.  Cuba tromped around in the creek, chewed the occasional stick for a moment, and was a big, muddy mess by the time we were heading back to the van.  (Why, oh why am I not surprised?  He is a mud puppy!)  So, a dunk in the creek it was so he could swim off some of that mess.  I had to pick him up immediately when he got out of the creek to keep him from getting covered in the sandy, pebbly dirt again.  I’m sure Jim was quite impressed when I arrived soaked down one side of my body in a van smelling like wet, doggy happiness.  Lucky for me, he’s an easy-going guy and was as happy to see us as we were to see him!

Another short walk with the dogs before feeding them and heading out for some food, wine, and jazz with a friend visiting out rounded out my evening.  I needed to get my rest, Day 18 turned out to be a big day.

Fear not, Day 18 holds lots more excitement in store for young Cuba!