Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 19

This may be a short entry.  Cuba had his first pork shoulder today and I’m afraid I might start hallucinating from the fumes of puppy farts.  Yowza!

After yesterday’s busy, busy, busy day, today was a more mellow day for the family.  Jim and I had planned on taking the pups camping tonight, but the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms.  Just my luck, it turns out to be an absolutely beautiful night and too late to set a tent up outside now at nearly midnight.

So today, we pretty much hung around the house with the exception of a nice, long walk.  Cuba got to drag his leash behind him and stayed with us very nicely.  On our walk we practiced sits, hand targets, heeling, clicking any volunteered focus and check ins, and name response.  I was very proud of how well he responded!  We also ran into two barky, lunging dogs on the leash – a German Shepherd and a white mixed-breed that looked like a cross between a Samoyed and an Aussie Shep.  Both presented great “look at that” opportunities for Cuba and Mokie!  He only got to meet four new people on his walk today, one very nice gentleman at the Greater Binghamton Health Center and two elderly ladies walking a baby in a stroller.  He readily accepted greetings, pets, and treats from all parties who had the mechanical coordination to deliver treats (sorry baby, maybe next summer!).

Aside from our walk, we did a little training, a lot of playing, and a lot of handling today.  We didn’t do much in the way of formal training sessions, it was just a day for recognizing and reinforcing any and all offered desirable behaviors including:  soft mouthing, waiting at a boundary, potty outside, kenneling up voluntarily, picking up and dropping toys, etc.  Again I practiced spraying him with the water/organic ACV blend to keep the buggies away, and did more dremelling on his nails.  He’s actually quite good and happy to relax on his back for nail trimming while he gets clicks and treats.  Good boy!

Hopefully, we can have a more exciting day together tomorrow.  It’s supposed to thunderstorm (which will provide good training opportunities in itself – thunder rumble = jackpot will help him learn that thunder is no big deal – NBD), but if it doesn’t, I think I’ll take him for a walk in downtown Binghamton – he should be able to meet lots of new people downtown if it’s a nice day!  If it’s not a nice day, maybe a trip to the pet store or Home Depot is in order, or at the very least, a play date with Leila!

Wait, is that a pink elephant running through the living room?  Nope, just me starting to hallucinate from puppy farts.  On that note, time to play with Cuba before catching up on emails and turning in for the night!