Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 22

Drats! I had this whole entry typed out, but then my firefox browser decided to shut down before I saved my draft. Stupid me and stupid Firefox! (I’ll take some of the blame, but must share the rest with my wonky browser.)

Since I’m frustrated now, I’m only posting a cliff-notes version of Day 22.

Rainy Day – wanted to stay in, avoided my hedonistic temptations and voyaged out in the rain with Mokie and Cuba. Glad I did, because today at the GBHC (Greater Binghamton Health Center), we probably saw about 40 new people and actually got to meet about half of them, including many of the patients! You could tell that for the patients, the dogs were all the sunshine they’d seen on this drizzly, grey day. The dogs each got LOTS of clicks and treats (hot dog slices) for nice behavior during these visits.

Also on our trip, Cuba made huge progress on the stairs! While he still needs work on the stairs at home, these last few days working with him on the various curbs and then various flights of steps (from two steps to five steps) at the GBHC have helped Cuba develop confidence, coordination, and muscle control going down a variety of other stairs. Good job, boy! For more on how we helped Cuba past his stair reluctance, check out my recent blog entry for Dogster’s Dog Training Guide.

After all this excitement, I received a phone call from my sister wanting to know if I’d watch my niece and nephew overnight.  Although I really wanted to get work done, I do like to help my wonderful sister and did promise the world’s most beautiful young lady she could come spend the night with Cuba, Mokie, Ahab, Eartha, Uncle Jim and Aunt Casey before school started.  In for a penny, in for a pound, so I asked my friend Lori if her granddaughter Olivia would like to join us for a movie night slumber party.

We took the kids to the park for a while before starting the movie.  Cuba and Mokie were quite tired from their walk earlier, so I just clicked and treated them for being mellow with all the activity of kids playing on the playground, men playing basketball and football, etc.  Cuba found a little energy later, so he went down the slide and swung on a tire swing with me!  After we went home, the kids were more than happy to give Cuba some treats, play with him with some of his toys, and throw hot dog slices at him while he chewed his bully stick.

At the end of this long day, Cuba decided to settle in on a nice soft blanket with my nephew Malachi and nap while Malachi (aka McLovin’) watched some Wallace & Gromit.

Good times!