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Mokie says "Happy New Year!"

If your New Year's resolutions include improving your dog's behavior, apply for training today!

I’m hoping that this holiday season is treating you all well.  While taking a break from classes this week, I am working on 2011’s schedules and class offerings.

Current clients will notice a change to the calendar.  I have offered an increased number of “all levels” classes where beginner, intermediate, and advanced students may attend together.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do attend a Games class.  With the bitter winter chill, you may find yourself struggling to find ways to tire your dog’s brain and body without both of you suffering from frostbite.  This class will present you with a variety of fun ideas for ways to engage your dog indoors, having fun together while building important foundation behaviors.  Your dog will still need exercise outside, but these exercises will be a great alternative on days when outdoor activity opportunities are limited.  You will learn how to play with your dog, teach your dog to interact with a variety of puzzle toys and food dispensing toys, practice nosework games, loose leash walking egg races, crate games, team competitions and more!  Right now I am offering one games class a week but I will gladly add more to the schedule as needed according to enrollment.

I have also revived our loose leash walking classes.  Because the sidewalks and roads can be slippery and dangerous at this time of year, it is especially important that your dog is able to walk politely on leash without pulling you over and injuring you on a slippery sidewalk.  Brush up on your dog’s loose leash walking manners in this class!  We will also discuss winter weather paw care and protective attire and develop the skills you need to train your dog to calmly accept having his feet cleaned, wipe his own paws on a mat, have paw wax or booties applied, and wearing a coat for those short-furred pooches!

Chill out! classes have also made a return to the schedule.  In these classes we talk about how to train hyperactive dogs to relax and focus.  In this class, we discuss various calming aides, what physical exercise can (and can’t!) do for your hyper dog, the importance of mental stimulation, and work on a variety of impulse control and relaxation exercises.  Participants must have basic foundation behaviors on cue – sit, down, targeting, walking on a loose leash, name response.  This tends to be a very popular class, sign up today!

We continue to offer our popular Manners classes (focusing on solving behavior problems, management, polite greetings, teaching reliable name response, basic impulse control games, sit, down, targeting) and puppy classes (heavy emphasis on socialization, understanding your dog’s breed, understanding stages of development, introduction of new people and dogs, sounds, sights, types of handling, surfaces to walk on, development of bite inhibition, preventing behavior problems, addressing common puppy behavior problems, etc.).

As always, we offer the most flexible scheduling options in town.  No more waiting weeks to start class – with our weekly orientations, you can always start right away.

We love dogs of all breeds and ages, so whether your dog needs a few basic manners, to learn a new trick, or has more complex behavior issues, we will happily work with you to establish a customized training solution which meets your goals for a well-behaved dog. Email Casey for more information.

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