And now for something completely different…Introducing Treibball!

If soccer, herding, and dog fun all bred together and had a baby, that baby would be named Treibball.

Treibball is one of the newest dog sports in the States, recently imported from Germany.  Treibball teaches dogs to herd large exercise balls into pens while teaching a variety of critical skills including targeting, impulse control, send outs, and discrimination.  Is Treibball the right sport for your dog?  This class is great for:

  • dogs of all ages
  • dogs of all breeds (herding breeds may have a knack for the sport, but all breeds can participate and have a blast!)
  • ball-crazy dogs
  • shy dogs
  • hyperactive, excitable dogs
  • handlers who are looking for something fun to do with their dog

Participants will need to have basic foundation skills on cue, particularly targeting, attention, heelwork, sit, down, recall, etc..  At least one month attendance at foundation class (possibly more depending on the individual dog/handler team) will be required for participation.  All canine participants must be dog-friendly, as much of the work for this class will be done off leash.

This German video shows Treibball in action. Please remember, while watching this video, that these are advanced dogs who have had extensive training – it will take more than four one hour classes to achieve this level of performance!

Each participant will need to purchase at least one large exercise ball. These are available online and at many local retailers (you can probably find them at Dicks, Target, Walmart, or any fitness supply store), often for less than $20. We provide everything else you’ll need including handouts when applicable and a clicker and treat bag for those students who don’t yet have one.

This class, unlike our other classes, will be held in a linear format.  Modules students are invited to participate but will be required to attend all four weeks in a row of Treibball Unit One and these classes will count against your current membership allotment.  Non-module clients may register for $80 for the four week course.

To get more information, or to register your favorite dog for Treiball classes, email Casey!

One comment on “And now for something completely different…Introducing Treibball!
  1. Hi Casey,
    Great post about Treibball, Too bad they see it as a threat, it’s not! It’s a great game! I’ve been training for 9 years now,and I’ve seen lots of poor dogs with tons of energy and nothing mental or physical to do, I think this will be the next wave in dog sport, and we’ve had everything from a Cairn Terrier to a Portugese Water dog in our classes. Its not just about herding, it’s about communicating with your dog!
    Keep doing what you’re doing.and join us! (and you might want to add that second “b” in the middle!)

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