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Cuba relaxes at class with Callie, a four month old Chi puppy


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (of which I am a member and a regular contributor to the trade publication, The APDT Chronicle of the Dog) has declared January National Train Your Dog Month.  Rewarding Behaviors is committed to improving your dog’s behavior and your relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement.  We like to “train without pain.”

For the rest of January, we are offering a 20% discount on our introductory class package to clients who are making a commitment to abandon the use of choke collars, prong collars, and electric shock devices in animal training.  To receive your discount:

  1. Apply for training
  2. Attend next Wednesday’s 7:30 p.m. orientation
  3. Bring your dog’s shock, prong, or choke collar with you
  4. Voila!  Discount!


Canine Nutrition Seminar

There is still time to register for this weekend’s canine nutrition seminar.  We’ll discuss a variety of aspects related to nutrition – how nutrition effects behavior, and how to make sense of the many options, both commercial and home-prepared, available to dog owners today.  This will be a non-working, educational seminar so please leave your dogs at home.

When?  Saturday, 5 – 7 p.m.

Where?  Our facility at Clicking with Canines – directions are available on our “Contact” page

How much does it cost?  Free for current and past group or private clients, veterinarians, veterinary staff, and shelter volunteers.  $20 per person for non-client community members.  $35 per couple.

Anything else I should know?  Yes!  Dress comfortably (classroom usually about 60 degrees), bring a notebook and pen, and if you want, a comfy chair!  (I have lots of metal folding chairs but you may not like sitting in them after two hours!)

Other Upcoming Seminars

2/5 – Calming Your Crazy Dog – Is your dog hyperactive? Constantly finding new ways to get in trouble? In this educational seminar, we’ll examine some of the factors which contribute to hyperactivity, discuss critical behaviors for hyper dogs, and develop solutions which will help you tame your lovable but unruly beast!

2/19 – Brain Building – While appropriate physical exercise is certainly important and necessary for all dogs, mental stimulation is equally important and more frequently overlooked.  In this seminar, you’ll learn about a variety of ways to challenge your dog’s brain while building behavioral wellness through play, enrichment, and problem-solving activities.

3/5 – Decisions, Decisions – Are you considering adding a new dog or puppy to your family? Get information at this seminar about factors to consider when selecting the right dog for your family.

3/19 – Weaning Off Food Rewards – There are many myths about positive training, one being that dogs will only work for food or bribes. Learn more about this myth and strategies for weaning off food reinforcement in your training program.


Barely a week after announcing the launch of our new Treibball classes and we’re already nearly full!  Treiball class is set to begin March 1st at 7:30 p.m.  Level I Treibball will be a four week course.

Unlike our other classes, Treiball will be offered in a linear format – participants will be required to attend all four weeks of class consecutively.  You do not currently have to be enrolled in modules to attend – non-module qualifying students can attend for $90 (plus the cost of equipment, approximately $30) for the four-week course.  Your equipment will come in handy for subsequent levels of Treibball classes!

There are pre-requisites for this class and you will be required to provide some of your own training equipment.  At this time, it looks as though there are only one or two spots left, so if you’d like to attend with your dog, please email Casey to reserve your spot today!

Interested in our other class options?  As always, we offer weekly orientations to offer you the service you deserve and the convenience you need.  No long waits to start class, apply for training today and we’ll get you started in class within the week!

Private Lessons

Our private behavioral consults and in-home services are booking quickly.  We only have a few spots left in January and are currently scheduling for February.  Contact me to reserve your appointment today!

2 comments on “RBDT News Update
  1. Mary Hunter says:

    Is that Cuba puppy in the picture? He’s gotten huge!!


  2. admin says:

    Yes! I have to bring him into the vet for a “fun visit” and to get this boy on the scale. At 7 months and one week, I’d bet he’s already 100 pounds and showing no signs of slowing in growth! 100+ lbs of hair, slobber, and teenagery testosterone mixed with a good deal of lovable cuddliness. You’d go bonkers over him, he’s kind of like a slobbery pony who loves clicker training, LOL!

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