Now accepting applications for Treibball Prep and Scent Games class!

Treibball Prep Class

Our first Treibball class launched Friday and was an absolute blast!  This first class was only offered to advanced level students whose dogs were able to focus on the handler and work off leash around strange dogs.  The students and dogs all had a fantastic time and by the time I arrived home, I’d already received messages from all attendees saying their dogs were wonderfully tired after such hard work!

I announced the launch of our class back in January and was shocked when it filled within 48 hours of the announcement.  I didn’t expect such an enthusiastic response – since we are offering New York State’s first Treibball classes and it is a relatively new and unknown sport.  It’s obvious that there’s great interest in this sport, so much so that I’ve decided to launch a Treibball Prep class for students who would like to participate in Treibball but currently lack the requisite foundation skills.  All participants must have attended at least six foundation classes, and must have attended at least one session for each module throughout their six week participation.  Specific individuals may be required to take more than six foundation classes, depending on the dog’s understanding of the foundation behaviors.

In our Treibball Prep class, we will focus on developing left and right heel positions, transferring known targeting behaviors to pushing skills, and developing matwork for distance and precision, among working on other critical skills.  We will not be introducing ballwork in this four week course.

The course will consist of four one-hour sessions (which will not include play time) and will be $100 per student, $90 for rescue dogs with proof of rescue within the last six months.

If you are interested in enrolling in a Treibball Prep class, please Email Casey today!

Scent Games Fun Class

I am also now formulating a list of students who would be interested in attending a scent games class, which I hope to launch in late April.  Scent games is not obedience-based, therefore there are no pre-requisites for attending foundation classes prior to attending scent games class.

Dogs of any age may participate in the scent games class.  Since only one dog/handler team will be working on scenting at any given time, all participant dogs must be able to be crated with appropriate chew toys or Kongs while awaiting their turn on the boxes.  Because only a single dog/handler team is working at any given time, reactive dogs may be considered appropriate candidates pending instructor approval.

This will be a six week course with an average class length of 60 minutes.  Tuition will be $150 per student, $140 for dogs which have been rescued in the last six months (rescue paperwork required for discount).

Would you like to reserve your spot in Binghamton’s first Scent Games class?  Please Email Casey today!

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