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At Rewarding Behaviors, we offer a variety of puppy services which are budget and schedule-friendly, including:

  • basic puppy classes
  • upgrade packages – discounts on continued training classes
  • private plus packages – puppy class plus customized, tailored training services in your home or our air-conditioned facility, either with you or while you are busy working, shopping, or taking the kids to karate class

What are the benefits of puppy class?

  • Bite inhibition training – we teach puppies to use their mouths gently to avoid harming humans and other animals throughout their lives.
  • Resource guarding prevention – we teach puppies to feel safe and happy about being approached, touched, and petted while they eat, play, or chew on a favorite toy.
  • Save your stuff – puppies have expensive taste! Save your favorite shoes, iPad, antique furniture or Persian rug from a trip to the garbage!
  • Prevention of aggression toward dogs and humans in adolescence and adulthood. Appropriate and extensive socialization throughout this time will allow your pup to grow into a friendly, well-mannered dog who is not a danger to your family or community.
  • Help with potty training! Remember, we said we’d save your rug from destruction!
  • Instruction in management techniques – teach your dog to love his crate and how to puppy proof your home to keep your dog safe.
  • Basic manners
  • Less stressful veterinary and grooming visits for a lifetime!
  • SLEEPY PUPPIES! (Our client’s favorite benefit)


At what age should I enroll my puppy in class?

The sooner, the better! Puppies as young as eight weeks old are welcomed into our puppy class. Puppies must begin puppy class before sixteen weeks of age and are welcome to attend until twenty weeks of age, at which time they transition into a family dog class.

Would private lessons be better for my puppy?

We do not offer private lessons for puppies under the age of 16 weeks unless they are enrolled in a puppy class. It is virtually impossible to provide the amount and variety of socialization with other dogs and people that puppies need in a home setting. We do offer a variety of private services to complement the puppy raising experience our class students receive.

Will my puppy be safe?

We make every effort to ensure the safety of your new family member. Our classroom is sanitized prior to puppy classes using veterinary recommended and approved sanitation techniques. All students are required to provide proof of vaccination before attending class.



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