An Early Holiday Treat for All of Us – Guest Blogs from the Team at CyberDog Coming Soon!

I’ll be honest, my plate is pretty full right now.   There is a strong likelihood that this blog would have went un-updated, stagnating in the blogosphere, until 2012.  January’s filling quickly too, and I certainly did not want it to be a month before our next update!

Imagine my relief and excitement when checking my email to find that three extremely talented trainers and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (Helix Fairweather, faculty, Lynn Martin, CTP, and Sarah Owens, CTP) would like to stop by the Rewarding Behaviors site as guest bloggers!  Hello?  Can I just say “Merry Christmas to me?”  All three of these fantastic trainers are individuals that I admire and have learned much from.  I’m very excited to have them on board for a couple of guest blogs this holiday season, and look forward to being able to offer my readers the opportunity to learn more about dogs and training from three of the best in the business.

Helix Fairweather is a pioneer in the profession, being among the first to offer online training classes for pet owners with her CyberAgility program. She has now partnered with Sarah and Lynn offer a clicker training foundations’ course for pet owners who want to see better manners from their pet but may want to learn new skills from the comfort of their own home. You can learn more about this great program by checking out

Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting a new article from the CyberDog team in the next day or so.  Please join me in welcoming Helix, Lynn, and Sarah!

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  1. Thank you, Casey, for the lovely welcome to your blog! We appreciate being on Rewarding Behaviors. Helix

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