3 Training Blogs You Should Read

The internet offers a wealth of dog-related information in an instant, any google search will bring you millions of returns on various dog blogs, articles sources, youtube videos, etc.  Quality of training information varies widely, and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff.  Keeping that in mind, here are five fantastic training blogs Rewarding Behaviors clients and readers can rely on for content that is:

  • fun
  • well-written
  • offering dog and people-friendly training techniques
  • thought-provoking

Here are three of my favorite training blogs written by some really talented trainers.  Check them out!


I was first introduced to fantastic blogger Denise Fenzi through my Facebook news feed.  This is a lady that really knows her stuff!  Denise really is a breathe of fresh air, consistently providing very creative training solutions and writing in a manner which is articulate and compelling.  Denise is a positive trainer who is very active in competitive dog sports from Schutzhund to Obedience, and offers positive reinforcement based training advice for owners wanting to achieve a high level of reliability.

Denise’s Blog


Tena is a great personal friend of mine and has recently opened her own training business in Pittsburgh, PA.  Originally a school teacher and hobbyist frisbee competitor/trainer, Tena has combined her skills as an educator and trainer to create a wonderful dog-friendly training business and blog.  Aside from being a talented writer and trainer, Tena is also a phenomenal photographer, so her blogs are usually chock-full of great pictures of dogs.  (While this is probably not really relevant, I’ll also share an additional secret about Tena – she’s really good at making delicious cupcakes.)  If you want to learn more from Tena, her perma-dogs Rio and Shayne, and a variety of fosters that come through the Parker household, make sure you check out Tena’s great blog, Success Just Clicks.


Madeline Clark Gabriel is another Facebook friend and talented blogtress who focuses her efforts on teaching families how to help children and dogs live safely together.  While Madeline may not blog all that often, when she does, you should pay attention!  The information on this blog is quality and consistent, provided in an entertaining and compassionate manner.  Lucky for all of us, Madeline has a new puppy, which leads me to suspect we may be treated to more frequent updates in the new future.  A great blog for all dog lovers, this one is a must-read for households where children and dogs cohabitate. Dogs and Babies Learning is a fantastic blog, and we look forward to learning more from Madeline on her adventure with her new puppy – congrats on the new addition, Madeline!

We’ll feature more blogs in the future, but these three should give you plenty to learn about until then.  Until next time, happy training!

2 comments on “3 Training Blogs You Should Read
  1. Tena says:

    Hey Casey, just catching up on my RBDT blog and saw this… much thanks for the plug… and thanks for the cupcake compliments… i think it’s TOTALLY relevant to dog training… right?

  2. admin says:

    Dear Tena,

    YES. Cupcakes are relevant to practically everything, as far as I can tell.

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