You Are Cordially Invited…To RBDT’s first ever Foster Friday picnic!

Hi everyone!

I’m extremely excited to invite all of you to the first ever local Foster Friday picnic.  Many of my wonderful clients are foster parents for various local rescue and pet adoption agencies.  This fun and informal gathering welcomes pet foster parents to share their fostering experiences and get free, in-person training support from qualified behavior consultants while learning more about the services we offer foster parents to help them increase the adoptability of their furry charges.  This will be a pot-luck event, so please bring a dish to pass and any beverages you’d like.  Cole Park also has a great swimming area, so if you like to swim, bring a suit as well!

Foster parents from any rescue are welcome to attend – this is a RBDT event and is not associated with any particular rescue organization.  If things go well, I hope to set up a similar event monthly!  While this event will focus on discussing fostering specifically, all rescue volunteers, employees, and dedicated pet lovers are welcome to attend.  The training theme for this particular event will be loose leash walking.


Where?  Pavilion #1,   Nathanial Cole Park, Binghamton, NY

When?  6 – 8 p.m., 7/27

DOGS:  Dogs are allowed at Cole Park but not in the regular swimming areas.  If you are bringing dogs, they should not have a history of aggression towards other humans (of any age, size, or color) or other dogs.  Dogs with food resource guarding issues are also not appropriate for this event.  Recommended equipment:

  • Treat bag
  • Dog on front clip harness or appropriately fit and desensitized head halter (if dog lacks leash manners and would like to participate in the loose leash walking training exercises)
  • Standard, six foot leash
  • Lots of high value training treats prepared in small bits

TRAINING:  We will be doing some training (including some loose leash walking practice), so if you would like to train, please bring a hungry dog and high quality treats.  The emphasis will be on positive training to help increase adoptability, so please no choke, prong, or shock collars.  Also, since we will be at a relatively busy park, use of retractable or “Flexi” leashes is discouraged.  If you are concerned your foster might not behave well at the event, you are encouraged to come without dogs just for the learning and socialization aspect of the event.

FOOD:  Pot luck!  Please bring your own beverages and a dish to pass.

CHILDREN:  Well-behaved children are encouraged to attend.  Parents – this is a public park and it is your responsibility to keep your children safe.

RAIN:  I rented a pavilion for the event, which will take place rain or shine.  Dogs who dislike sogginess may prefer to stay home – attending pet owners who do not like soggy cars are also encouraged to leave dogs home!


We will be raffling off two $100 training scholarships at the event.  Details will be announced at Coke Park!

Please share widely via email and social networking if you are interested in this event.  RSVP to Casey at your earliest convenience or with any questions you may have.

I can’t wait to see you all at Cole Park!

One comment on “You Are Cordially Invited…To RBDT’s first ever Foster Friday picnic!
  1. This is a great idea! Someone from the Syracuse area posted it on Facebook I live in Johnson City. I am the NYS Regional Coordinator/Volunteer for AMPS–All Miniature Pinscher Service. I do not have any foster dogs, but just wanted to say hi and have fun!
    Nancy Wlostowski

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