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Voyage to the Vet: The First Leg of Our New Life

Yesterday, I came out of the training closet.  I have a reactive dog that I raised since puppyhood.  I chose the best breeders I can find, and his littermates are behaviorally normal.  Cuba is an anomaly in many ways, but

Voyage with Cuba – The Next Leg

Long time RBDT readers will remember that once upon a time, this trainer brought home a wee Saint Bernard puppy from a land far away. Despite my best efforts in locating a very responsible breeder and diligently socializing this wonderful

Lessons Learned

I am currently living with my second reactive Saint Bernard.  My first, Monte, was the dog that inspired me to become a dog trainer.  My second, Cuba, was supposed to be my wonder-pup:  well-bred, well-socialized, well-trained, and still we noticed