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What’s happening on the web’s best clicker training forum!

This week we welcome Ann Dupuis, discussing “Training Your Vet Will Love You For!”

Thanks to Janet Velenovsky for joining us last week and giving us all an introduction to kitten socialization! The gears are turning in my brain for some new kitten socialization services thanks to you! This week we welcome Ann Dupuis

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This week, Pamela Johnson joins us to discuss calming the canine athlete!

Pamela Johnson returns as a weekly pet expert on RBDT! It was such a wonderful pleasure to have Stacy join us last week. I know that many of you are dog professionals, and others are the most dedicated pet dog

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This week, Irith Bloom joins us to discuss “The Premack Principle”

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome my dear friend Irith, one of the very first experts on the RBDT boards, back to the forum as a pet expert this week. Irith will be joining us to discuss

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