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Congratulations to our recent Karen Pryor Academy graduates

Another workshop four weekend passed, another group of wonderful clicker trainers join the KPA team. Congratulations to Laura Donaldson, Jules Nye, Alyson Zimmerman, and Louis Mande (and all of your dogs). Thank you all for being such inspiring trainers, for

Casey’s newest article published on

How to Create a Reactive Human in Ten Minutes or Less!” Thanks to Jules Nye (of, Karen Pryor Academy student; and Alyson Zimmerman (, Karen Pryor Academy student, for volunteering to pose in the pictures! Granted, we are all

Debbie Jacobs, creator of

Hi all! Speaking of networking through dogster (see my last blog entry)… I was at ClickerExpo in Providence this year and had the opportunity to meet one of my oldest dogster pals, a trainer who is working to change the