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Nicole Wilde, author, behavior consultant Gentle Guidance Dog Training, Phantom Publishing

Through her training, writing, and social interactions, Casey consistently demonstrates not only a comprehensive knowledge of canine behavior and training, but a talent for putting education across in a way that is compassionate and entertaining as well as informative.

Joan Orr M.Sc. President and Cofounder, Doggone Safe, Vice President and Cofounder, TAGteach International

Casey is an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented trainer and teacher. She brings good-natured compassion to her teaching and cares deeply about the emotional well-being of both human and canine learners. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Kathy Sdao, MA, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), Bright Spot Dog Training

“Casey is that rare dog trainer who combines a thorough understanding of behavioral science with the practical skills to actually train dogs. And she’s kind and fun to work with — a winning combination.”

Lisa Spector, co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear

Casey Lomonaco is a magical gift to every dog and their person that is in her presence. Her understanding and application of dog training based on scientific principles is beyond outstanding. She clearly loves working with dogs and their people and smiles through the entire process. Her enthusiasm for reward based dog training is priceless and limitless. Casey, literally, has saved the lives of dogs that nobody else understood.

Laura Monaco-Torelli, Karen Pryor Academy faculty member and owner of Animal Behavior Training Concepts

“Casey has the amazing talent of blending the joy of science and learning together with infectious enthusiasm to all that she teaches. She ensures a learning environment that fosters an excellent experience for all!”

Pat Miller, author and owner of Peaceable Paws

“Casey is the epitome of the modern positive-reinforcement dog trainer: well-versed in the science of behavior and learning, and more than capable of applying that knowledge to the benefit of her canine and human clients.”

Miranda Workman, Adjunct Professor at Canisius College, President, Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, Training Director, Erie County SPCA, owner, Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center

“Casey is a complete trainer. She has a thorough understanding of the science of learning and and it’s application to dogs. Even more impressive is her compassion for her students of all species. She is a true artist based in the science of her craft. That makes her a top-notch instructor.”

Irith Trietsch Bloom, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer, owner, The Sophisticated Dog

“Casey is smart, knowledgeable, compassionate, and enthusiastic. She applies her thorough understanding of the science of learning to every situation she encounters, to the benefit of both her human and four-legged students.”

Jules Nye, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, owner, Sit, Stay, and Play

“Casey has a knack for making things easy to understand, and fun to do. She truly has a gift with both people and dogs.”

Kelly Gorman Dunbar, Executive Editor, Dog Star Daily, director, Sirius Dog Training, Founder, Open Paw

Casey elegantly blends her encyclopedic knowledge of the science of learning with a tremendous compassion for all living things. She’s an extremely personable instructor and has a talent for presenting information in a palatable, easy to comprehend way that’s enjoyable for dogs and humans alike.

Photographer: Nicole Oakley

Julie, Dave, Evan, Mara (Sophie and Marley, Shepherd mix littermates) (group class client)

When we rescued our puppies from a shelter we knew that we wanted to train them, especially since we have two young children. After doing some Internet research I came across clicker training and decided I wanted to try it. Clicker training was different than the training we received for our last dog because it is based on positive reinforcement. As a mother and a teacher I believe very strongly in teaching with positive methods. Casey is a great trainer. My dogs (and kids) absolutely love her enthusiasm. She not only focused on positive reinforcement for our dogs but also for us. She would give us tickets for good training methods. We used the tickets to enter for free training sessions. She also allowed us to include our children since the class was for puppies. She was great about helping my kids understand the correct way to play with dogs. My dogs are now two and very well behaved. They have learned many commands that help keep them safe. When they are curious and take something that doesn’t belong to them, we just need to remind them with a simple “mine” command and they drop whatever it is. When they are excited about a noise in the middle of the night, we just need to say “settle” and they calm down. It is wonderful! Last Spring I went to visit my cousin at the National Zoo in Washington DC. She trains the Big Cats and took us behind the scenes to see the training she does with the cats. I was shocked to see that she used the same techniques with tigers that Casey taught us to use with our dogs. The only difference is she used a whistle and did all of the training from the opposite side of a cage.

Sara, Matt, and Fifer (Yellow Lab) (group class client)

My husband and I brought home a beautiful yellow lab puppy just after Thanksgiving this year and he was the most adorable, loving puppy – but completely terrified of life! We wanted him to be comfortable around us, at other people’s homes and with people coming in to our house. We were both completely new to the ‘raising a puppy from scratch’ game, so feeling completely inadequate and totally overwhelmed, I contacted Rewarding Dog Behaviors and met Casey. Right from the orientation, Casey put both of our fears and anxieties to rest and although both Matt and I were a little skeptical about clicker training at first, she has definitely proven that it does actually work. My lab is pretty smart and will do just about ANYTHING for food, so the sit down and rollover tricks that most dog owners attribute to a ‘trained dog’ were really easy. But with Fifer, we needed more than ‘tricks’ and ‘games’, he needed to actually be able to not only see and experience other dogs, people, situations – he needed to enjoy them too…and .that’s where Casey came in to our lives. Before Casey we had a TERRIFIED puppy who would not get in the car without shaking, who would not come in to the classroom on his first day of training as he was petrified of the other dogs and who would not let us pet him or handle him in anyway. If we could actually get him to go for a walk and he heard another dog bark – he would be off in the opposite direction, shaking and whining and we were pretty dismayed about the whole thing as we bought a dog so we could enjoy our lives with him! We are only four weeks in to behavior training, but already Fifer bounds down the stairs (politely Casey 😉 ) to get to class, who will only too happily play with any dog he meets in class or at the park and who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES anyone he meets! Sure he still gets a little scared sometimes but he’s a puppy and he’s growing out of it fast. Casey has not only helped to train Fifer, but has also trained us to be good dog owners. She is only too willing to answer any questions or queries I have both in and out of class and her articles, blogs and ideas for games are amazing. As a direct result of Casey’s knowledge, real life experiences, commitment, hard work and enthusiasm to clicker training, I have a wonderfully confident, well mannered and loving puppy, who right now is SNORING at my feet because we have just returned from puppy class and he is completely exhausted from playing with his buddies! It’s a dogs life!

Paula L and Earl, American Pit Bull Terrier (Private behavior consultation client):

On the weekend of May1-2, Earl and I went to Binghamton for the weekend to have two training sessions with a woman named Casey Lomonaco. Casey owns Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training in Endicott, NY and was recommended to me by Erica. Casey is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy and she utilizes clicker training along with body language and many other methods based in proven psychological theory (classical and operant conditioning). From the beginning, I got the impression that Casey was kind, patient, and completely committed to helping Earl and I work through some problems. She went out of her way to accommodate us in scheduling the sessions. For the weeks leading up to the training, I could hardly stand the wait. I was so excited to meet this woman and get to the core of Earl’s discomfort with strangers and touching. I was blown away by the result. We went for two sessions…one Saturday evening and one Sunday afternoon. In that time, we covered a ton of information and discussed so much about behavior and training. Earl was completely at ease with Casey from the start. By the end of our first session, I am sure he would have happily gone home to live with her. Earl has amazing focus and he is so happy when we are working. You could just see the joy on his face. He was engaged and challenged throughout the training. It was so beautiful to watch my smart boy solving problems and figuring out what was being asked of him. We spent the weekend making amazing strides. We worked hard, but the thing that struck me was the amount of fun we had. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing we did. Yes, Earl has some problems that need to be worked through, but I felt like it was a celebration of what an amazing boy Earl is and what potential he has rather than a stern and serious “we need to fix these problems, your dog is dangerous” session. Casey’s enthusiasm is effusive and my already keen interest in behavior and training just blossomed there. Earl was so amazing wiggling his butt away and grinning his giant grin, it really gave me so much hope. I already think Earl is remarkable, but I was just thrilled to hear Casey say what a bright, eager happy boy he is. To have her tell me that he has an amazing prognosis chokes me up as I am writing this. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely have lots of work ahead of us, but I am so eager to continue and I know how much we can and will accomplish! If anyone needs help with behavior issues and is able to get to the Binghamton, NY area…I would highly recommend contacting Casey. You will be so incredibly happy that you did.

Paula F and B’lanna, Jack Russell terrier (Group class client):

When I first brought B’Lanna to these classes, I was admittedly skeptical. I wasn’t sure how she’d do around other dogs, or people, since she was so shy and skiddish. Even though we’d had this rescue dog for over a year, she was still so very fearful of everyone and everything. Her first class told the tale – hiding under chairs, visibly trembling, tail tucked under all the way to her nose. She was one SCARED little dog. Today – she’s a Jack Russell Terrier with an attitude. Although she still suffers from some separation anxiety – it’s the last of her fearfulness. I still can’t believe the change in her after only 6 weeks of classes. She made friends with several other dogs, warmed up to Casey and some other classmates, and really came out of her shell. B’Lanna began doing things I was sure she’d never do – like walk the ‘A-Frame’ or go through a hoop or approach dogs 10 times her size with a play bow. It was amazing. Casey truly made a believer out of me. I wasn’t sure clicker training would even work, let alone alter my dog’s fearful behavior. But now, I can’t imagine using any other training method. For as long as I live in this area – Casey Lomonaco will be my dog’s trainer, and thanks to Casey, ALL my dogs will be clicker trained. Most satisfied customer and Dog Mom

Anne T and Thorby, Standard Poodle(Group class client, Dog Scout member, play group participant, website visitor, forum member)

Everyone is comfortable learning at their own pace; individual learning styles and temperamental needs of every animal is respected and accommodated; you use positive reinforcement only; somehow you manage to give every student the individual attention each needs, and at the same time you keep track of everyone’s progress. One of the things I needed most was to develop confidence in myself as a trainer, and you helped me gain that.

Lizabeth C., and Cricket, rescued Shepherd Mix(Group class client, Dog Scouts member, forum member)

Casey helped me learn how to work with my dog. I didn’t have a clue about dog training, and I wanted to learn something other than the way my dad handles his hunting dogs. I read some books about gentle, respectful training of companion dogs, and that helped, but I didn’t really understand how to do clicker training until I started taking classes. Casey’s classes are clear, fun, and very productive. It was a great experience.

Jeanette R., and Ruffus the Newfoundland(Group class client, Play group participant, Private Training client)

All of the teaching springs from genuine affection for animals, and adheres to positive reinforcement techniques. Lessons are supported by printouts and research notes. The generosity of time and caring offered beyond the scope of class, coupled with the dedication to the creature and to the owners to reach good solutions, is amazing. As an instructor, Casey has always seemed open to expansion and new information, carefully consulting other teachers and experts to find options for a problem. On a personal level, Casey’s bubbling enthusiasm, deep involvement and enduring attachment to her students both animal and human has been a rare and much appreciated gift to us. Also of note is the community created by the other owners and their dogs. Common goals and irresistible pets created a wonderful atmosphere and lasting bonds that neither we or Ruffus will forget….your love and support has carried us through some incredible struggles, in both health and behavior with Ruffus. I can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, we are so grateful.

Deb C. and Shelby (black lab mix)– group class client, beginner through advanced:

Hi, my name is Debbie and I got my very first dog at the age of 51. I was clueless on how to train a dog and was lucky enough to have met a woman with two dogs on a walk one day. Her dogs were extremely well behaved and she told me she takes them to Clicking with Canines. I called and signed up the next week. I took my dog ,Shelby, there to give it a try. I cannot say enough about how loving and caring Casey is with the dogs. Shelby is six months old right now and he is learning quickly and responding very well to the program. He gets so excited when we pull up and never wants to go home. I would like to thank Casey for treating Shelby so wonderful and for teaching me how much fun it can be to own a dog.

Nicole S., and Leila (German Shepherd mix),Group class client, Dog Scouts of America troop member, forum member:

My fianc and I decided to adopt a puppy. We found the cutest puppy we had ever seen online through and made an appointment to see her. What we found was a trembling, fearful puppy with a case of kennel cough and demodectic mange. When we met this puppy, they pulled her out of a crate, and amidst a room of barking dogs, she found her way into the crook of our arms where she hid her head and just shook. I knew the kind of work that was going to be needed to make this dog normal. I don t think that my fianc realized the commitment and time that would be needed to help this dog with her problems or really how serious her problems were. When we brought Leila home we realized just how afraid she was. She went right to her crate and wouldn t come out. She didn t want to come out to eat or go to the bathroom. She was terrified to go outside, terrified of the cats, she wouldn t walk anywhere in our house other than on our throw rug in our living room, she was afraid to be handled and would run into her crate any time that my fianc walked into the room. We quickly found that she was quite untrusting and fearful of men. Within the first week of owning Leila she bit my fianc and broke the skin on more than one occasion. As soon as possible we had a private lesson with Steve Benjamin, of Clicking with Canines, where we learned that our puppy was not aggressive rather very under socialized and fearful. Since I was not having any problems with her biting me, we made the decision that my fianc would accompany her to puppy classes so that he could learn the correct way to handle her. Since Leila s first puppy class, my fianc has not been bitten once. That is where we met Casey. At the time, Casey was assisting Steve with classes while completing Karen Pryor Academy. I took one basic obedience class with Steve and the remainder of Leila s formal training has been with Casey. What can I say about Casey ? Leila adores her!! She loves to go to class and is excited as soon as we pull into the classroom parking lot. For Leila and I, Casey is more than just a training instructor she is our never-ending source of knowledge about anything dog related. But more than that, she is our mentor and our friend. Casey has not only helped Leila, she has also helped me. She has taught me how to be a better trainer, how to help a fearful dog overcome her daily fears, and how to enjoy the time that I have with my dog. I don t come to class for one hour, learn the scheduled curriculum, and be on my way. Casey tries to teach us things that will help our dogs individually. There are many classes I have come to that end up being about What do you want to work on today? Rather than just having a planned curriculum where all the dogs learn Sit , Down , and Rollover , she asks what your training goals are and does everything that she can to make sure that those goals are reached. I have never had come to Casey with a problem that she couldn t come up with some way to alleviate it. I feel like Casey loves Leila almost as much as I do. Not only her but also her husband. After class is done and he walks into the classroom, the look on Leila s face is priceless. If you didn t know any better you would think that this was Casey and Jim s dog. Although I had a lot of knowledge about dogs and dog behavior, I m not quite sure how I would have made it through Leila s issues had I not had Casey to lean on and to support me.


…It’s an open community full of members with tons of information and experience. That I can always come in for support on a bad day and for help with things we are working on.

Amanda, Lehigh Acres, FL.

I LOVE the people. There is such a wide range of interests and backgrounds that it makes it such a joy to be a part of. Everyone here shares a common mind set in training and it’s beautiful to see all the information, communication, stories, and resources available and all without violence or aggression.

Tena, Larchmont, NY.

I love that Rewarding Behaviors is such a positive place to spend time. Members can have philosophical disagreements but it stays so positive and based on information. I also really love that there is such a wealth of knowledge in one place and so many people with such variety of experiences.

Anna, London, UK.

Love the positive atmosphere from all the members. It is easy to access previous messages for references. I like the format of all the forum sub areas. In general it is great.

Kathleen, College Station, TX.

I don’t have to wade through a lot of outdated dog training theories to get the advice on training that I want. People are very nice, helpful, and supportive.

Nicole, Endicott, NY. (also a Private Training client, Group Class Participant, Dog Scout Member, and Play Group Participant)

I love having a group of people who share my passions and my goals. I love that it is only positive reinforcement and I don’t have to hear about choke collars and such when I am getting advice. I like that everyone supports one another and understands how big some things are that other people who consider “not really that important to teach a dog”.

Ali, Fort Collins, CO.

I love the people and the useful advice everyone is willing to give. With guidance from everyone here, not only has my relationship with my dog greatly increased, but my own knowledge as a trainer has expanded.