RBDT Policies

Guarantee of services – we do not guarantee training services. It is as impossible to guarantee that your dog’s behavior won’t change three weeks, months, or years from now as it is to guarantee your infant child will grow up to be the President of the United States. For more on the ethics of guaranteeing dog training services, please check out Beware 100% guarantees.

Payment – We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. Services must be paid in full prior to the rendering of services. New clients will need to wait for their first check to clear before services are rendered. For group class clients, all five of your sessions must be used within six weeks of your orientation date, additional sessions will be forfeited – a maximum of one week extension is available when advance notice of absence is provided at orientation. No-call, no-shows will be counted against your classes, as will any cancellations occurring less than one business day in advance of the scheduled class. Clients purchasing private lessons will be subject to the same policy and charged full price for all sessions cancelled less than one business day in advance or no-call, no shows. Private clients may not exceed two no-call no-show or cancellations with less than one business day notice in a two month period without risking termination of future services.

Phone consultations – While free 15 minute consultations are available by appointment for new and current client, additional time or consultations will be billed at an hourly rate.

Registration -All registrations for group classes are handled electronically; all group class clients must sign up at least one business day in advance on the calendar to be considered registered for any listed classes.

All sales are final – Once a transaction is complete, refunds are not available if you do not choose to complete your program. Payments are also non-transferable, your remaining sessions may be used for another dog in your household within the allotted time period (each session purchased must be used within 30 days of payment – ie., if you purchase a 5-pack, all sessions must be used within 150 days of the original payment), but may not be transferred to another pet owner. If you elect not to complete your training package, you may choose to donate a gift certificate to the local rescue or shelter organization of your choice, provided I receive the request within the active time period.

Health –Health and behavior are intricately connected. For dogs with severe behavior problems, we may collaborate with your veterinarian and/or refer you to a veterinary behaviorist, nutritionist, or other professional for medical testing and services. Owners are expected to disclose any known health issues or medications at the time of consultation.

Cancellations – Owner cancellations occurring less than 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting will be charged at the full session rate. Owners canceling less than 48 hours in advance but more than 24 hours in advance will be allowed to reschedule with a $20 re-booking fee. Owners canceling more than 48 hours in advance will be allowed to reschedule without penalty. Chronic cancellations may lead to termination of the training relationship.

Right of Refusal – We are choosy about our clients, as they should be choosy in selecting the right dog trainer. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate the training relationship for any reason.

Safety – Safety is our priority and must be yours. It is your responsibility to keep your dog safe and keep others (humans and animals) safe from your dog. For dogs with behavior problems, we may insist on a number of management tools which are not optional, including but not limited to muzzles, head halters, double leashing, tethering, etc.

Vaccinations – All puppies entering puppy class must have received a first round of vaccinations and worming at least one week (with veterinary documentation) prior to attending the first class. All students with adolescent or adult dogs must provide proof of vaccination (or an acceptable veterinary waiver) for all state-mandated vaccinations.

Puppies – Puppies as young as 8 weeks are invited to attend puppy class. Large breed dogs will graduate into all-ages classes as young as 16 weeks (depending on size, temperament, and training level), while medium and smaller breeds may, with instructor approval, remain in puppy classes until 20 weeks.

Breed Restrictions – Rewarding Behaviors is proud to say we have no breed bans!

Equipment – We do not permit use of shock collars, choke collars, or prong collars in our classroom, nor do we recommend these tools for use in your home or community. Some of the tools we may use, depending on the case, include (but are not limited to) :

  • leashes
  • head halters
  • front-clip harnesses
  • tethers
  • visual barriers
  • muzzles
  • crates
  • x-pens

Liability – All clients will be required to sign a liability waiver at the initial consult. Please remember that there are inherent risks involved in activities including dogs, as any dog, regardless of training, handling, or environmental circumstance, is capable of biting. Upon signing the liability waiver, you acknowledge legal and custodial responsibility for your dog and are liable for any damages caused.

Children – Well-behaved children are welcome in the classroom and are encouraged to attend! Children may not be left unattended for any period of time in the classroom. In situations where attending children are under the age of 14, one adult must be present to supervise the child while another adult trains the dog. Please bring suitable, quiet, and age-appropriate activities to occupy your child during class or our lesson. Children should never be permitted to approach or touch any dog without asking for and receiving the owner’s permission. Children who are disruptive to the learning environment may be asked to leave. No children are permitted in the training area during off leash play.

Orientation – If you are attending group classes, all family members wishing to handle the dog in class MUST attend orientation – no exceptions.