If you book her, she will come!

Seminars are available for both domestic and international hosts and venues. Casey is available for:

  • conference presentations
  • half day seminars and clinics
  • full day seminars and clinics
  • weekend seminars and clinics
  • camp instruction
  • presentation for educational institutions of all levels on dog behavior and safety

Seminar topics include:

“FUNdamental Clicker Training”

This two day seminar/workshop features a combination of lecture, demonstration, and working instruction:

  • What is clicker training?
  • What makes a good event marker?
  • Clicker mechanics
  • Reinforcement delivery skills
  • Methods of “getting behaviors”
  • Cueing
  • Criteria establishment


Treibball is a new sport which involves teaching dogs to herd inflatable balls toward a goal at direction from the handler. CLICKER TREIBBALL PREP This half day workshop will be for dog/handler teams that are not yet clicker savvy. We will introduce the clicker, reinforcement skills, methods for getting behaviors, and various exercises to prepare your dog for Treibball and ballwork. CLICKER TREIBBALL FOUNDATIONS This half day workshop will be for dog/handler teams that are clicker savvy and have a mastery of basic skills (loose leash walking, targeting, settle on a mat, focus on handler, shaping). Ability to work off leash is a plus, owners of dogs unable to work off leash must bring a long line to work their dogs. We will introduce pushing skills, clean up matwork for relevant aspects of fluency, begin practicing sendouts, work on establishing stimulus control for known behaviors, etc. CLICKER TREIBBALL NOVICE This half day workshop will be for dog/handler teams that are clicker savvy and that have a mastery of the foundation skills listed above. We will introduce behavior chains, build further distance and speed for sendouts, increase complexity and precision for ball drives, discuss problem solving and impulse control issues, testing drive skills against DSA Novice standards as allowed by the space allotted, and more! CLICKER TREIBBALL INTERMEDIATE Participants should have a mastery of the skills from the previous levels. In this seminar, we will focus on problem solving for behavior chains, directing to particular balls, increasing the number of balls driven, increasing drive speed, introducing beginner obstacles, testing matwork/sendouts for distance, etc.

Data-Driven Training

Offered as a one day seminar with approved demo dogs or a two-day weekend workshop for working teams. Focusing on using record keeping skills, effective criteria setting, and rate of reinforcement tracking to improve:

  • shaping plans
  • stimulus control
  • distance
  • duration
  • distractions
  • latency
  • speed
  • precision

Positively Successful!

This seminar is geared toward training professionals who want to grow their business. Designed as a two-day seminar, single day bookings available: Day One: Module Classes, are they right for you?

  • How does it work?
  • What is a module?
  • Marketing modules
  • Scheduling considerations for modules
  • Tracking attendance
  • Tracking progress

Day Two: It Takes a Village to Support a Business

  • Establishing an identity through marketing
  • Building relationships with fellow professionals
  • Putting your clients to work for you
  • Community education programs
  • Working with animal welfare organizations