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Clicking Your Cat to Good Behavior with Marilyn Krieger!

This week, I am pleased to welcome Marilyn Krieger on the Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training forum as our “Pet Expert of the Week!” The resident cats, Ahab and Eartha Kitty, echo my enthusiasm! Marilyn will be joining us this week

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Coming out of the cave – Plato meets Pavlov (and Skinner!)

OK, before I even get started here, I will provide you all with a critical bit of information: This post will be a little “out there” for many of you.  If you’re not into Plato and philosophy, I recommend you

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Wonderful video on positive reinforcement training

Wow, I’d love to see something like this on our local news! Check out this great video on positive reinforcement training, reinforcing desired behaviors, and preparing your dog for new additions to the family:

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