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Back from the APDT conference!

Hi all, I figured a very belated blog about the APDT conference is in order.  I would have written this sooner, but in addition to bringing home new friendships, opportunities, and inspiration ideas, I have also brought home a monstrous

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New Dog Star Daily Blog Entry: On Shoddy Clicker Training and the Importance of Premack

Don’t get me wrong – if clicker training had a fan club, I’d be the president. I love clicker training. It’s not only an incredibly effective training technique, it’s a lot of fun for dogs and the people that live

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Congratulations to RescueaRidgeback, winner in August’s CTotM contest!

Congratulations to new Rewarding Behaviors member RescueaRidgeback and her Rhodesian Ridgeback Rounder on winning August’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest in the Rewarding Behaviors forum/. You can view RescueaRidgeback’s training plan here, based on Learning Games from British trainer

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