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The results are in from July’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest!

July’s first entry came from discdogshayne. Tena trained Shayne to go into her crate and close the door behind her! Here is their video entry for this month: Want to train your dog to crate up and close the door?

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Vote for your favorite entry in this month’s CTotM contest!

Winniethecorgi learns the ring toss!. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more fabulous, Winniw wows us yet again! You can view her video here. Barkley Orville learns to freeze! Too cute with all those treats on his nose,

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Clicker Trick of the Month Contest

This month’s entries include a soda retrieve, a freestyle routine, a cheetoh retrieve, a goldfish swimming through hoops, and a toilet flush! Vote for your favorite today! Shayne gets a soda from the fridge! Dancing Risa shows off her great

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