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Great news! Online .pdf of Ian Dunbar’s “After You Get Your Puppy” FREE!

Hi everyone! I know back in August I posted on another Rewarding Behaviors blog to share with you that Dr. Ian Dunbar’s classic book “Before You Get Your Puppy” was available online as a free electronic download. (Before You Get

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My newest blog entry for Dog Star Daily

At the APDT conference last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the creators of DSD (Ian and Kelly Dunbar) as well as some other DSD bloggers. My newest entry for the site is on putting a dog’s loose leash

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New Dog Star Daily Blog Entry: On Shoddy Clicker Training and the Importance of Premack

Don’t get me wrong – if clicker training had a fan club, I’d be the president. I love clicker training. It’s not only an incredibly effective training technique, it’s a lot of fun for dogs and the people that live

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