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If all your friends’ dogs jumped off a bridge…

Would you? The alternative title for this blog entry would have been, “Toddler receives life sentence for having an accident in his big boy skivvies.” It is easy for even the casual observer to note that dogs punish each other

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Entertaining for the holidays? Making it Easy for Your Dog to Behave

Hi all, The holidays are upon us and with them, the season of entertaining family and friends. If you’re entertaining this holiday season and are looking for tips on how to set your dog up for success and make him

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APDT releases position statement on Dominance and Dog Training

Following the wonderful example set by theĀ American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s Position Statement on Dominance the Association of Pet Dog Trainers has just released a position statement denouncing the use of outdated dominance-based training techniques for canine behavior modification

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