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Welcome to this week’s Pet Expert, Laura Monaco-Torelli

A huge thank you to Pamela Johnson for returning to spend more time with us as last week’s pet expert…I hope to have Pamela join us again in the future! Until then, don’t forget to check out her fantastic training

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This week, Pamela Johnson joins us to discuss calming the canine athlete!

Pamela Johnson returns as a weekly pet expert on RBDT! It was such a wonderful pleasure to have Stacy join us last week. I know that many of you are dog professionals, and others are the most dedicated pet dog

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This week’s expert Pamela Johnson answers your questions on canine freestyle!

When I first started the Pet Expert of the Week column, I immediately thought, “I need someone to come on and chat freestyle!” because I know that there are quite a few of our members that are interested in learning

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