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Rewarding Behaviors seeks Pet Experts of the Week!

Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training seeks Pet Experts of the Week. Pet experts can be veterinarians, vet techs, trainers, behaviorists, rescuers, pet business advisors/web developers, dog walkers, pet sitters, etc. If you are interested in participating as a Pet Expert of

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Rewarding Behaviors launches new forum feature – Pet Expert of the Month column

About the new feature: One of my favorite things about becoming a trainer are the opportunities I’ve had to network with with other talented positive reinforcement trainers (specializing in a variety of species), dedicated shelter workers, veterinary technicians and veterinarians,

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Now accepting entries for March’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest!

March means the coming of Spring, and equally exciting…the second installment of RBDT’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest! Last month we received a number of amazing entries, what a difficult choice voters had! Want to view last month’s entries?

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