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Thank you to Jules Nye of www.sitstayandplay.com

This week on the Rewarding Behaviors forum I have had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming my friend Jules Nye of Sit Stay & Play as our Pet Expert of the Week answering our forum members’ questions about barking.  Jules is a

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This week, I am honored to welcome Nan Arthur as our expert, discussing Calming Your Dog

Check out the conversation on our forum and ask your questions on calming your crazy canine! I had the opportunity to meet Nan while in Oakland for the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s conference last week which only increased my

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Introducing this week’s Pet Expert and Topic, Rebecca Lynch discussing Poisoned Cues

Introducing Rebecca www.k9clicking.com Rebecca is a graduate and Certified Training Partner (CTP) of the Karen Pryor Academy of Training and Behavior. Participants in this 6 month program must achieve a 90% or better on the course in order to graduate.

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