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Rewarding Behaviors welcomes this week’s Pet Expert, Dayna Dreger. Topic? Building drive for competition

Last week’s expert was our busiest yet. In fact, Eric was so busy I asked him to stay on an extra few days.

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Eric Goebelbecker live as this week’s Pet Expert! Topic? Teaching your dog to play!

Eric is on board this week and has introduced his topic this evening, including some great training videos. Don’t miss out on the fun, join in on our Pet Expert of the Week forum! For more on Eric, visit his

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An early introduction to next week’s pet expert, Eric Goebelbecker! Topic? Teaching Your Dog to Play

Hi all! Eric’s not due to come on board until tomorrow or Monday, but I figured I’d introduce both Eric and his topic early. Meet Eric, who will be discussing “How to Teach Your Dog to Play” next week on

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