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When You Don’t Want to Go for a Ride…because of all the barking. Part IV of our canine car series, “Barking in the Car”

Barking in the car is a common concern for pet owners. Since my last entries have been exceptionally long, I’ll try to keep this one relatively short! Recently, friend and colleague Jules Nye of Sit, Stay, and Play joined us

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Thank you to Jules Nye of www.sitstayandplay.com

This week on the Rewarding Behaviors forum I have had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming my friend Jules Nye of Sit Stay & Play as our Pet Expert of the Week answering our forum members’ questions about barking.  Jules is a

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Dog-Friendly Dog Training with Ian Dunbar

I found this video on youtube of Dr. Ian Dunbar discussing “Dog-Friendly Dog Training” and thought I would share with all of you. Dr. Dunbar is widely considered to be one of the founders of the positive dog training movement

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